Where Should The Sofa Be Placed?

- Mar 20, 2018-

The living room in a very auspicious pattern, the decorations, furniture, sofa and furniture color, shape, texture and home and career more closely.

For example, if the sofa is a complete set, do not use a single sofa or two kinds of sofa. The material should be made of the rattan with the sun, the real wood, and the color with the champagne color.

If you put a marble chair in the living room, although care is easy, but a long time will produce evil spirits to the occupants.  Because marble is the heyday of the Yin material, contact for a long time, will be hung up, is not much, can do a cotton cushion on the marble surface to resolve.

The good or bad of the sofa is mainly to see the relationship between the sofa and the wall. The couch represents the owner of the family, and it must be placed on the wall, representing a longer-term backrest, otherwise it will affect the financial transportation. Sitting on a long couch can see the beautiful view of the outside, which means the host's career is vigorous. If you can not overlook, you can plant some flowers and plants to make up.

If the two sides of the living room can be placed in a long sofa, the sofa should be placed in a prosperous place, and it should not be placed behind the wall of the toilet, the kitchen and the outer wall.