What Is The Style Of The Dresser Mirror In The Bedroom?

- Nov 22, 2018-

Bedroom dressing table

In the arrangement of bedroom furniture, the traditional Chinese customary mirror can not be opposite the door. The most common bedroom in a typical girl's bedroom is the mirror on the dresser. Therefore, the dressing table of this bedroom should not be placed opposite the door. Because the traditional Chinese Feng Shui to explain is that the door is the flow vent of the bedroom gas field. With a straightforward shackle, when the bedroom dressing table is placed opposite the door, it is easy to cause the two to oppose each other. This is very unhealthy for the occupants. Sometimes when I go home and enter the bedroom at night, I can occasionally be scared by my own reflection in the mirror. Therefore, the dressing table of this bedroom cannot be placed opposite the door.

Bedroom dressing table placed two

Many old people have said that this mirror can't be placed in the right place with the bed, so the dressing table of this bedroom can't be placed in the opposite direction of the bed. Because this is very easy to lead to people's mental sergeant and emotional instability. It will even affect the quality of people's overall sleep. If the bedroom dresser is placed on the other side of our bed, this dressing mirror is very easy to be a nightmare according to our bedside. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I am easily scared by my own reflection. This mirroring is very detrimental to the sleep health of the human body.

Bedroom dressing table placed three

The best and most ideal way to place the bedroom dresser is to place the mirror in a parallel alignment with the sitting orientation of our bed. The layout of the bedroom dressing table forms a coordinated and balanced feng shui magnetic field with the bed. In this case, there will be no such thing as what we said before. Well, the current living room is relatively small, there is not enough space to put the bedroom dressing table in a very suitable position, then you can choose a dressing table with a mirror door, so that the mirror cover Living is also possible.