What Is Environmentally Friendly Furniture?

- Dec 29, 2018-

Let's understand what is environmentally friendly furniture. What are the problems we should pay attention to when purchasing eco-friendly furniture?

First, what is environmentally friendly furniture? National standards are strictly regulated in raw materials, adhesives, metals, lead, product hygiene, logs and fabrics. Real environmentally friendly furniture is very demanding from production design, material selection, production processes, waste discharge, energy consumption, and recycling.

Second, it is recommended that consumers should pay attention to when purchasing furniture:

    1. First select furniture manufacturers with higher credibility or better after-sales service. Try to choose solid wood furniture. If you buy composite board and plywood furniture, you must choose a well-known brand of products. When you buy a sofa, look at the internal filler.

    2, depends on whether there is a quality inspection department's test results, especially the detection results of formaldehyde.

    3. Smell if there is a pungent smell. Furniture covered with thin wood and other materials should be tight and flat, and no glue or degumming is allowed. The paint surface of the furniture should be smooth and bright, and the interior of the product and other unpainted parts should be kept clean.

    4. Always keep the instruction manual or invoice for use in case of disputes.