What Are The Three Most Noteworthy Features Of Hotel Furniture?

- Jan 18, 2019-

The location of the hotel furniture is very important, which is why hotel furniture can stand out in many hotel furniture. Where is the furniture of the hotel, and what good characteristics does it have?

Hotel furniture customization - material

As we all know, the materials used in the customization of hotel furniture can not only affect the product use time, but also have a direct impact on the price of the product, so that the price of the product made by different materials is different.

At present, the materials commonly used to make furniture are plate, solid wood and board wood. Among them, the price of solid wood hotel furniture is the highest; the second is the combination of board and wood; of course, the current furniture is not the pursuit of all solid wood, the combination of wood and wood furniture Can achieve environmentally friendly and practical results.

Hotel furniture customization - style

What do you need to know about the customization of hotel furniture? This will bring you a custom style introduction to hotel furniture. At present, the most common custom styles of hotel furniture include Mediterranean, Chinese style, Korean pastoral, European pastoral, European minimalism, neoclassical, American classical and American pastoral styles. A variety of styles create different living spaces to meet different consumer needs. 

However, the furniture style decoration in a room should be unified, so as to ensure the coordination of the overall space, so as not to make its products abrupt, thus bringing the bad feelings of the people who come to the place.

Hotel furniture customization - function

In the process of hotel furniture customization, not only the design requirements are very strict, but also want to use various reasonable space design to increase the internal storage space or add other functions, making it extremely usable.