What Are The Skills For Children's Furniture Purchase?

- Dec 31, 2018-

Children are the hope of the future. Let children be independent and have their own space, which can better cultivate children's autonomy and stimulate their potential. The right choice of children's furniture can create a separate space for children, so the choice of children's furniture is crucial for our next generation.

Safety is a prerequisite for children's furniture selection. The materials of children's furniture are mainly made of wood materials, and the paints are also very particular. They tend to use lead-free, non-toxic and non-irritating paints, taking into account the child's hyperactive nature. The process is mainly based on painting, so that there will be no large-scale drop due to collision. Secondly, in the design, the corners of the furniture are mainly rounded, the corners and the handles are as free as possible from the edges and sharp edges, and the corners of the table and chairs are made into rounded obtuse angles to prevent the child from hitting the injured while running. Taking into account the stability of the center of gravity of children's furniture, more consideration is given to the fixing of bolts, screws and other small parts in assembled furniture.

Home furnishing pollution is the most common source of lead pollution in children. According to the survey, the concentration of lead in the air is 16 times that of 1.5 meters at a distance of 1 meter from the ground. Children's height is just in this range; infants often touch the wall with their hands, and they are easy to ingest a large amount of their fingers. lead. In addition, the absorption rate of lead in infants and young children is as high as 53%, which is about 5 times that of adults.

Children's furniture selection should be carried out in accordance with national standards. Also note that the furniture should not exceed 50% of the room. Wood-based panel furniture depends on whether the edge seal is qualified, and whether all double panels are used. Children's clothing must be placed in closed packaging when placed in new furniture.