Vanity Table Placement Skills

- Mar 20, 2018-

If you don't know where on the dresser, to give you some advice, not on the dresser near the bed, because when we wake up in the middle of the night to scare the shadow in the mirror, in many horror films will also appear in this story, so timid you can remember, Dressing Taiwan is best not to put in the position near the bed.

In the morning, the girls have to do the dresser to dress himself, for them, the dresser can give yourself more confidence, it is also the case, the dresser also became an important part of Home Furnishing decoration, dresser should be placed in a more adequate light place, if space permits it can also facilitate the use of bed with even together, in Feng Shui speaking, dresser is best not to put the door is on the bed or room.

If there is a locker room home, dresser can be placed in the locker room, relatively coordination, if there is no separate locker room at home, then you can consider in the master bedroom, bedroom or internal use, placing the dresser in the bedroom, generally choose the place near the closet is reasonable.

Put the dresser position more flexible, can find the most suitable position according to the whole room, if there is a window, we can make the dressing table on the window, get up in the morning and look into the distance, but also good for the eyes, soothing soothing mood, good mood to this day a good beginning, will feel more beautiful.