The Dressing Table Should Be Chosen Like This!

- Nov 22, 2018-

First, pick style

The choice of the dressing table, of course, is the style.

When shopping, in addition to seeing your own preferences,

Also consider the overall style of the room, otherwise it will look a bit awkward.

Second, choose the mirror

The mirror of the dresser is the most important part of the dresser.

Don't be sloppy when picking.

The mirror is preferably a folded surface design.

This will allow the dresser to clearly see the various angles of his face.

Third, check the quality

The material of the dresser is very important.

If the material is unqualified, it is trouble to buy it back.

If the formaldehyde content of the board exceeds the standard, it will affect the health of the human body.

And the whole room also became pungent.

Fourth, look at the size

The size of the table top of the dressing table is preferably 400mm × 1000mm.

This makes it easy to place cosmetics, if the size of the dresser is too small,

Cosmetics are not placed, it is more troublesome.

The height is generally best between 70-75cm.