Style Classification Of European Hotel Furniture

- Jan 08, 2019-

European style is a style from Europa. There are mainly French style, Italian style, Spanish style, English style, Mediterranean style, Nordic style and other major genres.

1. Italian furniture: Combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary advanced technology, its most striking feature is the clever use of the golden section, so that the furniture presents a proportion of the right proportion.


2. French furniture: The material of French classical furniture is basically cherry wood. Whether it is popular in other areas, it is oak or oak. French classical and modern furniture have always insisted on using this material.

3. Spanish furniture: The biggest feature of Spanish furniture is the use of engraving techniques. The carvings in the furniture are deeply influenced by the Gothic architecture, and the flame-style Gothic lattices are often embossed in various details of the furniture.

4. British furniture: British furniture is elegant, refined and discouraged, often focusing on creating new meanings in tiny details. British classical furniture is beautiful, elegant and harmonious, with the use of decorative strips and carved mahogany. The feeling is calm and elegant.

5. Mediterranean furniture: Mediterranean furniture with a combination of pastoral style and soft tones. In the use of color, there are mainly blue and white, yellow, blue and green, and khaki and reddish brown.

6. Nordic furniture: The material is made of wood that has never been finished, showing the elegance, simplicity and beauty of the Nordic. The shape is mainly low, and the balance of interpersonal relationship is achieved. The use is more comfortable and full of human touch. The color is dominated by light colors, giving a sense of safety and comfort.