Standard For Choosing Sofas And Beds

- Dec 28, 2018-

First, the lining should be durable

It is very important to sit on the sofa during the day and sleep on the sofa at night. The comfort and firmness of this sofa bed is very important. However, the quality of the sofa bed can not be distinguished from the appearance, and it is not possible to sit out within three to five minutes, so you are cautious in the selection. A good sofa bed must first have a soft and moderate spring mattress; and it must have high pressure resistance to equal the weight of the human body and good air permeability to maintain hygiene. A good spring mattress should have the function of strengthening the spine support to relieve the burden of the vertebrae during the day and make you sleep well. In addition, the adjustable grid is also indispensable for the sofa bed. It has a strip of wood and has different carrying capacity. It can be precisely adjusted according to each person's different body type and weight, so that your body fatigue can be released with the average stretch of muscle and weight.

Second, face to look good

The sofa bed has a variety of appearances: some sofa armrests can be placed 90 degrees flat on the bed, and the mattress is directly pulled out by the chair; some are the material of the double sofa bed formed by flipping the sofa seat to make it easy to breathe and detachable. It is better to change the wash, and it is not too dirty. It is very popular among consumers.

In the cleaning and maintenance, you should use the brush to remove dust from time to time, or concentrate the dust and then use the vacuum cleaner to suck it. Do not force it to avoid unnecessary weight load, so as to extend the life of the sofa bed.