Should The Dressing Table Be Placed In The Cloakroom Or The Bathroom?

- Nov 22, 2018-

If the dressing table is placed in the cloakroom, it is convenient to match the makeup with the clothing, and the special cosmetics are placed more neatly. If there are no windows in the cloakroom, the lighting in the room must be very elegant, ensuring that the dressing area has sufficient light. However, placing the dressing table in the cloakroom has a drawback, and the washing after the makeup removal is inconvenient.

Get up and dress up every day, wash directly in the basin, convenient and free, and the bathroom light is bright, so you can pay attention to the details. However, due to the relatively humid inside of the bathroom, it is easy to cause water mist on the mirror, and the cosmetics and jewelry placed on the dressing table are prone to bacteria in the humid environment for a long time, resulting in mildew and deterioration.

In the end, it is certain that it is still determined according to the user's living habits. There are certain advantages and disadvantages in the cloakroom or the bathroom. There are still many people who choose to put the dressing table in the bedroom, but it is recommended that you do not do this. After all, the bedroom is used for rest, and it is not convenient to change clothes and wash. The functional use of each room should be clear, and wherever it should be placed. Of course, you still have the final say. After all, you have to listen to women at home.