Several Selection Points Of The Make-up Mirror

- Mar 20, 2018-

One, the reflection effect: in the light where the light is taken, the effect of light can be good.

Two, look at the back: turn the mirror over and look at the back. The reflective silver coating is silver gray and red, and silver gray is common. The red one is better, and it does not paint for a long time.

Three, if there is a look in the mirror zouse deformation: check whether the mercury mirror rear inner liner and a backplane, backplane unqualified, no paper can easily wipe protection coating without mercury rubbing off.

Four, appearance: To observe the appearance of the mirror from the angle of the front and side, opposite, generally, when the mirror is only pay attention to their own image in the mirror, and not to pay special attention to linear objects in mirror distance, so the test time slightly eyes move a line of sight, look at the mirror image of distant objects if the mirror image is not distorted, it is said that this is a good mirror.