Note On The Purchase Of TV Cabinets

- Dec 30, 2018-

In the interior furniture, the position and function of the TV cabinet are very obvious, and it has an irreplaceable position in the space with the highest utilization rate in the living room. A good TV cabinet can not only be used for storage, but also beautify the living room and add brilliance to the home space. Therefore, the purchase of the TV cabinet is extremely important.

First, choose the TV cabinet with the living room style.

Modern living room, you can choose a simple, sleek TV cabinet; classical style living room decoration style, should choose solid wood TV cabinet, more grade; garden decoration style living room, you can choose to have mud or color Compare jumping TV cabinets. In short, the overall style of the living room and TV cabinet should be matched, so that the TV cabinet can enhance the style and level of the living room.

Second, choose the right size TV cabinet

We have to measure the size before buying a TV cabinet. The long width of the TV wall and the length and width of the TV set can avoid the unsuitable phenomenon of the TV cabinet after purchase. The height of the line of sight we watch TV is below the eye level when we sit down, so we have to pay attention to the height of the TV, preferably 40 cm from the ground. Of course, there should be some positions above the TV cabinet to facilitate the placement of items.

Third, TV cabinet materials

We all know that electrical appliances are required to dissipate heat, so TV cabinet materials are also better to dissipate heat. The placement of the line is also a precaution for us to purchase the TV cabinet. Of course, the function of the TV cabinet can not contain the items you need to place. The appearance of the shape is very important, but it is more convenient for us. If we can't actually use the TV cabinet, then what is the meaning of the TV cabinet?

Fourth, the size of the living room

When purchasing a TV cabinet, you should pay attention to the size of the living room, and choose the TV cabinet according to the way the TV cabinet is placed in the living room. Different living rooms have different space sizes, and different combinations need to be designed according to the size and shape of the living room and the size of the living room. Especially for the irregular living room, you need to pay attention. If you choose custom furniture, you can enjoy the advantages of professional customized service and custom furniture. The designer can customize the living room of the owner and it is easy and convenient. In terms of space size, if the living room is relatively spacious, the TV cabinet with the frame structure TV cabinet or the whole frame wall can be given priority. In this case, it is recommended that the background wall and the sofa color be the same. If the living room space is relatively narrow, it is recommended to use a "product" shape combination TV cabinet, which can effectively use the space to make the space layered.

In the final analysis, the purchase of TV cabinets needs to be comprehensively considered in terms of the size, style, shape, and preferences of the living room, so as to achieve a consistent overall, harmonious and beautiful, matching effect, so that people living in it feel comfortable.