How To Save Space On The Dresser

- Dec 13, 2018-

If the bathroom is large enough, you can put your daily skin care products in the bathroom, including body care products. The spacious and refreshing mirrors, the bright lighting, and the good skin condition just out of the bath allow you to solve the full set of maintenance in the bathroom.

In addition to the things being used, other babies can be cleaned up and stored. First prepare two storage boxes with different colors or patterns, one for color cosmetics and one for skin care products. Secondly, put a note on the box and write the names and shelf life of all the baby in the box so that they can be used at any time. .

   1. Skin care products: First wipe the edges of the bottle cap and the bottle mouth with cotton and alcohol. This can not only disinfect, but also thoroughly clean the oil and wax of the bottle mouth. Then seal the bottle with tape to prevent the liquid from evaporating and drying.

   2. Lipstick: Gently wipe off the layer that has been in contact with the lip with a clean facial tissue and put it away.

   3. Eye shadow, blush, powder cake and other box-like cosmetics: First use a clean cotton pad, wipe off the used, dirty powder, then use a cotton pad to rub the alcohol, wipe the shell, edge, mirror of the powder box again Then open it and let it ventilate for 5 minutes in a place where the sun is not in direct air and the air is flowing. When it is covered, it can be put away.