How To Maintain Hotel Furniture?

- Jan 08, 2019-

1.Paint hotel furniture maintenance

Painted hotel furniture maintenance generally uses milk maintenance or cold tea maintenance: wipe the hotel table and chairs, coffee table with milk or cold tea towel, not only has excellent decontamination effect, but also makes the furniture bright and new.

Note: It is recommended to use milk to remove dust and decontamination, and keep the paint surface glossy with cold tea.

2.Hotel leather furniture maintenance

The daily maintenance of leather furniture is not recommended for long-term use of water to wipe, so it is easy to destroy the protein of the dermis. It is recommended to use the flannel egg white to wipe the leather part of the furniture, so as not only can achieve the purpose of decontamination and dust removal, but also play a role in the maintenance of the dermis.

3.Hotel plush sofa maintenance

 (1) Daily maintenance: Alcohol has strong volatility and is most suitable for cleaning plush fabric furniture. Brush the plush sofa with a brush and a little diluted alcohol, then blow dry with a hair dryer.

 (2) Decontamination: For the stains stained on the plush sofa of the hotel, you can use the soda powder that is evenly mixed with water to clean. After wiping, the juice and other stains will retreat.

4.Chewing gum on the carpet

The chewing gum sticking to the carpet is not easy to take off. You can put the plastic bag with ice cubes on the chewing gum and wait for a while. After the gum is hardened, remove the ice bag. At this time, brush with a brush, the chewing gum will take under.