How To Do Wood Furniture Scraped

- Mar 20, 2018-

Wooden furniture is scratched, and not touched below the paint film. It can be smear on the scratched place with melted candles, dried again, coated again, repeatedly coated several times to cover the scratches. There is a small coup: prepare a few walnuts, according to the number you need to restore to fix the repeated smear, with walnut on scratch before long, wooden furniture will restore the original appearance.

In addition to the wooden furniture of the oil ink can be added two white vinegar in a water, wipe with a sponge soaked in the mixture of wooden furniture of the oil ink, and then clean and dry.

In addition to the wood furniture oil pollution: the residual tea is an excellent detergent, after smearing a small amount of corn powder on the smear test, finally the corn powder can be cleaned. Corn flour absorbs all the dirt that is adsorbed on the surface of the furniture, making the paint smooth and bright.

If you often put a cup and other tableware on the wooden furniture, you will find that the paint will leave a hot mark for a long time. The solution is to use alcohol or Vaseline on the ironing mark to wipe gently, the other day, reoccupy the cloth to wipe, the burn mark can be eliminated.

Wood furniture processing coup watermark, watermark in a wet cloth cover on iron, then press the cloth and make the watermark in the water and wet cloth together with evaporation of moisture, the watermark will disappear.

Yellow processing white solid wood furniture: the surface of white paint furniture, a long period of time will change, use cloth dipped in toothpaste wipe, pay attention not to overexert, also the yolks of two eggs, with a soft brush to painted yellow, dry with a soft cloth carefully wipe clean can.

When cracks appear in wooden furniture, it can be boiled together with chopped old newspapers and alum into clear water and cooked to paste, then embedded into the cracks with small knives, and it will be very firm after drying.

Wooden furniture appear white spots, you can sprinkle some sodium bicarbonate in the spot, and then dipped in a little water to wipe cloth.