How To Choose Hotel Furniture

- Jan 08, 2019-

The choice of hotel furniture should pay attention to the appearance and quality. The hotel furniture is tailor-made and tailor-made, which is more in line with the style of the hotel, making the hotel look elegant and generous.

1. Choose the style of the furniture to be simple and generous. The general room layout of the hotel gives the impression that it needs to be simple and spacious, so it is necessary to choose a simple and elegant furniture in the choice of furniture.

2. The color selection of hotel furniture is relatively dark. Relatively light-colored furniture, damage and stains are not easy to see and are more resistant to dirt.

3. Whether the furniture structure of the hotel is firm. If the furniture feels shaken when it sits up, the creaking sound will give people an uncomfortable feeling, so make sure the quality of the furniture.

4, veneer hotel furniture seams are not strict. If the veneer has bulging, foaming, and cracking, the first thing will affect the appearance, and the impression of the hotel will be greatly reduced.

The purchase of hotel furniture should be based on the hotel's decoration style, as well as the needs of the hotel. It must be done to reflect the hotel's grades, but also let you experience the atmosphere inside.