How Do You Maintain A Make-up Mirror?

- Mar 20, 2018-

1. Please try not to remove the protective film at the bottom of the mirror as far as possible. All metals are oxidizing. Although the stability of gold and silver is very good, but because the reaction of chlorine containing chlorine (Nacl) and silver can produce black silver chloride, it is often black to stick to sweat.

2, try to spray perfume, hair gel and other cosmetics do not close or directly placed in the palm of the use of cosmetic mirror. While the crystal mirror manufacturers and jewelry silver plating is not suitable with perfume, face cream, powder contact, because of fear of mercury gold, silver nitrate even now many cosmetics contain; different chemical compositions, gold and silver contact will produce a certain chemical reaction.

3, so after use, use the mirror cloth to clean the perspiration and cosmetics in the surface.

4, after daily use, please put the cosmetic mirror in the flannelette bag arranged in the gift bag, then you can isolate the chemical contact directly with the cosmetics, especially the perfume, and avoid scratching with the metal or other hard objects such as keys.

5. When it is not used, please wipe the surface of the make-up mirror clean and provide the special packing box when the purchase is paid. The suede layer in the box can not only protect the make-up mirror from the extrusion deformation, but also absorb excess water vapor to avoid the oxidation of the mirror body.