Hollywood Mirror You Should Have One!

- Dec 01, 2018-

For makeup, the importance of light is self-evident.

As early as the 1930s, Hollywood actresses,

Just add light bulbs above the mirror to even out the light and avoid chromatic aberration.

The "mirror makeup" that can be directly put on the stage.

Therefore, this kind of lighted makeup mirror is also called "Hollywood Mirror".

It has been used until today's studio and studio backstage.

In order to help you move the light effect of the star make-up room,

We developed this finger-touch LED child makeup mirror.

The surrounding LED soft light border provides a gentle and perfect light environment.

Ideal for use when there is insufficient light in the room.

Because it is front light, there is no shadow,

Therefore, it is necessary to apply makeup and smoke to the bottom to avoid makeup color difference.

The makeup is naturally natural, as if the makeup level has improved.

The mirror image is restored to a good degree, the user who bought it said,

Use it to face up, even every pore can be seen clearly.

There is also a hidden magnetic sub-mirror on the back that magnifies the details by a factor of five.

Hand-held detailed sections can be attached to the mother glass and it is especially convenient to draw the eyeliner.