Dressing Table Mirror Type

- Nov 22, 2018-

The dressing table is usually placed in the bedroom. People need to use the mirror when finishing the grooming, but the choice of the mirror is not only a single mirror, but also a dressing table with a mirror, so that it can not only face The mirror is arranged to fit the instrument, and the drawer on the dresser can also be used to store items, the best of both worlds.

Dresser mirror style

1. American style

The American style dressing table is more characteristic and gives a noble temperament. This American style dressing table mirror is made of all solid wood material, with natural high strength and wear resistance. This American style dressing table mirror Placed in the bedroom, with an American single sofa, it is more comfortable.

2, European style

This European-style dressing table mirror is stylish, elegant and luxurious. It is made of high-quality eco-friendly wood. It is in line with the theme of today's environmental protection society. Careful care for the health of you and your family is a worthwhile European-style dressing table mirror.

3, Korean style

This Korean-style dressing table mirror is very popular among consumers with its unique appearance and shape. It is very exquisite and novel in its workmanship, showing a unique and extraordinary charm, which is very suitable for young ladies.