Different Materials And Different Types Of Furniture

- Mar 20, 2018-

1, chair furniture

Chair furniture is actually mentioned in the front, and it can be better understood if they are analyzed as a class. The chair furniture includes a dining chair, class chair, staff chair, theater chair, conference chair, Park chair, chair, chair, chair, a chair, folding chair, sofa etc..

2. Civil furniture

Is the use of residents in family life furniture, mainly including: Suites (bed, bedside cabinets, wardrobe, dressing table, dressing stool) desk, computer desk, dining table, dining chair, coffee table, sofa, tea cabinet, wine cabinet, TV cabinet, cabinets etc.. The material used in the production of civil furniture is the most abundant, the style is also varied, and the grade is also larger.

3. Office furniture

Is refers to the office of the various types of furniture, including: Desk Manager, Taiwan, clerk desk, computer desk, file cabinet, screen, conference table, conference table, chair, chair, staff chair, sofa series etc.. The factory that produces office furniture is equipped with an installation team.

4. Hotel furniture

The production of hotel furniture is often combined with the decoration of the hotel, and some products are designed and manufactured according to the actual situation. The hotel furniture has its own structural and style features, often material and more carvings.

Furniture of different materials

1. Soft furniture

By all kinds of leather, leather, cloth and other materials as the surface of furniture.

2. Solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made entirely of solid wood or made of solid wood and veneer, and its characteristics are solid and durable, full of texture, simple and elegant and luxurious style. The disadvantages are bulky, expensive and novel.

3, furniture furniture by artificial veneer processed, folded structure mostly, a variety of materials generally have stickers furniture, plywood furniture, panel furniture, furniture wax fire board, melamine board furniture etc.. Plate furniture is relatively rich in style and moderate in price.

4. Metal furniture

Metal furniture is made of metal materials, usually iron and stainless steel, surface treatment is often electroplating or paint. Metal furniture is generally light, simple and durable, and occupies a place in the furniture group with its unique features.

5. Taketo furniture

Taketo furniture is quite common in the South and has a long history. But at present, it seems that there is no large-scale market.

6. Glass furniture

Glass furniture is mostly combined with metal or wood materials, mainly based on glass, and is carefully designed in form, style and pattern to create a modern family with clear heart and happiness.