Daily Maintenance Method For Bookcase

- Dec 27, 2018-

Try to avoid the bookcase being exposed to moisture. In the daily use process, it should be avoided to avoid contact with the water in the bookcase, otherwise it will easily cause the moisture and mildew on the surface of the bookcase, affecting the beauty and use of the bookcase. Moreover, bookcases generally have to store a lot of books, books can not touch the water, otherwise it is easy to damage the books, affecting the quality of the book.

Avoid sharp objects that scratch the surface of the bookcase. In the usual use of the bookcase, it is necessary to avoid contact between the bookcase and the sharp objects. If the surface layer of the bookcase is scratched, one affects the beauty of the bookcase, and the second makes it easier for the bookcase to oxidize and rust the air. Moreover, when the rusted part of the bookcase is in contact with the book for a long time, the book is easily destroyed by it, and the maintenance of the book is very disadvantageous.

The maintenance of any furniture is to keep the furniture clean, and the bookcase is no exception. The bookcase should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive dust accumulation on the surface and shorten the use period of the bookcase. The cleaning of the bookcase should first be wiped with a cleaning agent, and finally wipe the water stains with a clean dry cloth.