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        New Health Care Neck Massager Shiatsu with Heat,Vibration Function

Name:Smart Neck Massager

1. Cervical Massager Have 5 massage methods:
a more comfortable massager than a massage masterTuina


2. U-shaped embracing design:
It simulates the human neck curve and creatively uses the ∪-shaped embracing design to make the Cervical Massager more fit to the human body and more comfortable to wear.


3. 3D bionic structure of Cervical Massager:
Exquisite design, almost perfect fit, low-frequency pulse stimulation, such as real-life comfort massage, Relax and tighten your muscles, stay away from fatigue and release vitality


4. Microcurrent shaping microcirculation with Cervical Massager:
Through micro-current stimulation, the muscles are moved together to effectively avoid neck stiffness, soreness and swelling caused by long-term work.


5. Wireless and portable:
enjoy it anytime, anywhere.Small and portable, Cervical Massager weighing only 156g.


6. 3D floating electrode:
the electrode pads can be based on each person's neck characteristics. Free floating in all directions, front and rear,closer together.


7. Low frequency pulse stimulation:
such as a real person comfort massage Relax and tighten your muscles, stay away from fatigue and release vitality


8. Intelligent speech recognition:

caring for you, starting with releasing your hands.





1.No app is need

2.5 Massage modes and 16selectable intensity levels  

3.Portable,Simple and able to use anytime and anywhere

4.Small and fine, easy to carry


5.Young,Simple,Users can enjoy muscle massage at any time and any where

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