Neck And Shoulder Massager With Heat

High Quality Vibrating Neck Massager; Body Neck And Shoulder Massager; Neck Shoulder Massager Belt; High Quality Neck Shoulder Massager

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Products Description

Neck massager Function:

1.Vibration ,Far-infrared heating (hot cure) ,Magnetic therapy

2. Low and medium frequency pulse funtion (Hammering/Cupping/Manipulation/Scapping/


~Neck massager treatment effect

1. promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, relive pains and keep you sweet sleep  and away from    

    Neck diseases  ; Relaxes tense neck and shoulder muscles. Release the pain from nerve pressure


    Eliminate edema, inflammation, improve shortage of head blood supplying

~Neck massager Feature;


 1. Designed by human body engineering.

 2. Massaging many part of the human body.

 3. Beauty and scientific design, Flexible wings design to fit any size neck



Model: HYS-369

3. Power supply: d.c.6V, 1000mA(AC adapter)


Power:AC110-220V 50/60Hz or DC6V


Max. output Voltage: < 500V

Temperature range for working: 5 °C -40 °C

Humidity range for woking:≤80%

Temperature range for store: -40 °C -55 °C

Humidity range for store: ≤93%

Safety standard:Type 2 -BF

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