Cervical Shoulder Massage Machine

Electric Mini Back Neck Massager;portable neck massager;pulse neck massager

Product Details

Electronic Pulse Neck Massager Cervical Shoulder  Machine

Product Description

There is nothing better than get a instantly massager after a long time work.Right?  Have a neck massager,you can now givr the much-needed relaxation to your muscle tension and cervical fatigue.

     This is an electric pulse neck massager that delivers low-intensity pulses to a stressed and stiff neck. It is equiped with built-in magnets which radiates mild vibrations and massages all the acupoints thoroughly,hence relieving pain and pressure from entire region. 
      It  not just relaxes the stressed muscle tissues but also regulates the blood circulation,prevent the cervical pain and headache as well.

Product Features

1.The microcurrent technology radiates low-frequency electric current that stimulate blood circulation and attempt to relieve the pain.It will also better to the sleep and reduce the stress levels.
2.There are built-in magnets that offer low-intensity electromagnetic therapy.And it can balance out the magnetic energy in target area.
3.Electric pulse cervical massager have 5 different massage methods,and 16 levels of massage.so that you can easily adjust them to according to your comfort level.
4.The frequency on which keep the massage promotes natural healing of the body and eases the stressed muscles.

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