The fastidious of all kinds of mirrors in the family

- Mar 20, 2018-

The folding mirror is presented in front of the private bathroom mirror. We usually don't have any taboos. We want to take a thorough picture from head to toe and adjust our state to perfection. The design of the bathroom mirror, you can adjust your own angle, look at the back of the hairstyle, the side of the makeup and the condition of the back skin. No more effort is taken to catch small mirrors. The folding mirror has two directions in the left and right directions, with the use of space and the use of different people. The mirror in the elliptical beautification mirror looks nice when it is illuminated. It is related to the quality of the mirror itself, and sometimes it is influenced by psychological factors. The oval mirror is round and round, and feels lengthwise vertically. It makes people look like people in the picture, and the proportion of composition is just right, so it will feel beautiful.

The door mirror, the highest utilization rate of a large mirror, let you go out before look again in your body is perfect collocation, is very practical. You can choose an independent mirror, or a style that is integrated with the porch cabinet. The mirror should be installed on the ground, the area of the porch is generally small, and people can take the whole body without a long distance.

Convenient built-in mirror the mirror behind the closet door, the surface does not come out, will be able to open the door, very convenient. If the wardrobe in the bedroom is relatively small, this approach is particularly suitable for walking back and forth, so as not to accidentally bump or mirror mirror, because the distance too close to bed and feel stressful, trance. Pay attention to the width of the mirror not less than 55 centimeters. Give you tips mirror big size, choose back with safety film, prevent the mirror was crushed out of debris out. Westerners believe that breaking a mirror is a precursor to bad luck. But they also have a very interesting remedy, is when the moon is full, secretly put yourself in the coins in his pocket a turn over, it is said that this can turn calamities into blessings.

A good mirror can not have bubbles, impurities, bruising points, discoloration, yellow spots and so on. 5 mm thick 2 meters in the silver mirror imaging is not deformation, no skew, is ideal imaging. From the exterior view, silver mirror and aluminum mirror light is soft, light white glare.

In theory, choose a height for their height and half mirror, let the mirror installation along with his head at the flat, no matter how far away, can according to the body. The general installation is 30-40 centimeters from the ground, and the height of the mirror is 150 centimeters. It is a more comfortable mirror size.

According to different wall, wood, concrete and light body wall, install screw, bolt and makeup mirror bulge bolt.

The mirror never shines at the gate, otherwise it will make people feel suddenly hit from the opposite, for the guests are not familiar with the environment will cause bad psychological effect.

The bathroom mirror functional mirror shapes the mirror with the function of the magnifying glass, which makes the face more realistic and is a necessary choice in the bathroom. The fixed style, free torsion angle, fixed position, regardless of the height of the mirror, you can find the most suitable and comfortable posture.