How to remove formaldehyde in furniture decoration

- Mar 20, 2018-

Formaldehyde has a strong carcinogenic effect and promotes cancer. The effect of formaldehyde on human health is mainly in the aspects of abnormal olfactory, irritation, allergy, abnormal lung function, abnormal liver function and so on. China has a big filial piety, which is traditional reception. This is also very related to formaldehyde, because it has great influence on human reproduction, reproductive toxicity, abortion, infertility and so on.

The substance of existence

Family decoration, cannot do without chemical materials, such as brick, wood paint, wall paint, glue, diluent, marble glue, marble, such as sheet metal materials. All of them come out after a multi - layer complex process. Therefore, the internal bad things, can not be avoided, can only be eliminated, try to reduce, reduce.

processing method

1, choose and purchase decoration materials, it is necessary to remember to choose the green environmental protection materials. The general brand is a little better. The possibility of low grade materials is larger.

2, in use, the use of paint can not be used as little as possible, and the use of chemical materials can be used as little as possible.

3, after the decoration is good, there are economic conditions for the company to look for professional removal of harmful objects of the company door service.

4, after a good decoration, buy aloe, Monstera, Scindapsus, Sansevieria, Sansevierias, tequila and other small plants, with family, can also achieve the effect of formaldehyde absorption.

5, the purchase of air filtration technology products. For example, the air purifier is composed of pre filter, sterilization electrode and dust collector, which can be used for indoor air purification, and has the functions of dust removal, sterilization, deodorization, odor removal, fresh air and so on. It can remove the air in the dust, mold and mites and other tiny particles.