How to choose the vanity table material?

- Mar 20, 2018-

1. The dresser material of pure solid wood

What we often see in furniture market is basically pure solid wood dresser. Its biggest feature is strong and durable, and its service life is relatively long. There is a more outstanding advantage than environmental protection.

In fact, the solid wood dresser is the best choice for the bedroom dresser. The natural solid wood is healthy and environmental friendly, and different solid wood materials have different functions, which are good for people. Solid wood dresser is worth every woman. It coexists with beauty and beauty, and can enjoy the wonderful life.

2, the dresser material of the board and wood combination

The dresser wooden board with though on the surface looks like pure wood, but is actually composed of artificial board and wood combination made of this dresser in after a period of time, there will be obvious shaking, because the artificial nail holding ability is not solid strong nail holding ability.

A wooden board with the dresser and made the dresser made of solid wood although not so strong, but from the appearance, but also has some bright spots, after all, is man-made, with a certain design inside, which makes consumers are very popular, but also make a wooden board with dresser material have a place to live in in the market!

Everyone will have different hobbies, so the choice of the material on the dressing table is different. No matter what material you like, the dressing table made by yourself is satisfying if you are satisfied with your family.