LED Lights Useful Makeup Mirror

Dot Light Mirror;Illuminated vanity Mirror;LED Bathroom Mirror

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Product Description


With many LED lights useful makeup mirror 

Item NO.


Product Name

LED Makeup Lens


Net weight 445g / Gross weight 610g




16leds / 22leds



1. 16/22LED lights

2. Smart touch switch

3. Before and after about 360° rotation

4. Storage tray for accessories

5. Mirror size: 22x16cm

6. Requires 4xAA batteries(not included)


Description of Parts

1. Mirror

2. LED lights

3. On/Off switch

4. Smart touch switch

5. Stand

6. Storage tray

7. Battery compartment


Instruction for Use

Step 1: Turn on the Large LED Mirror by flicking the On/Off switch to the ON position

Step 2: To turn the LED lights,press the smart touch switch.

Step 3: Push the smart touch switch to turn off the LED lights.

Step 4: Flick the ON/OFF switch to the Off position to turn off the large LED mirror.

Step 5: Dim the light: after turn on the led light, if want to dim the light a bit.

Step 6: Brighter the light: if want to turn out the light a bit, can long press touch again, and loose it when it reach to appropriate brightness light.

Note: The large LED mirror can be rotate 360°.

Accessories can be placed into storage tray to keep them safe.

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