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1.Infrared emissions penetrate deep into the foot (3-4cm) and help expand blood vessels. This helps enhance metabolism and promote suppleness, relaxation and effective stimulation.

2.Blood Circulation Instrument The massage unit laps the bottom of foot, and stimulate the veins which link to all over body, the stimulation can accelerate the blood circulation, refresh body vigor then recover your strength, the comfortable massage can improving people's physical and intellective health. 

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Foot  massager
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                                                Why do the old people have to massage their soles?

When the person is old, the soles of the feet can begin to decline and some of the legs will degenerate. The ligaments and muscles are not as powerful as they were when they were young. They can't do the normal weight-bearing and walking functions well, and the body's various problems are slowly emerging.

                                Caring  for the health of old people,starting from their foot.
1. Using the principle of low-frequency pulse, simulate Chinese medicine massage technique.
2. Infrared hot acupuncture can stimulate the hot points of the footsteps, pass through the blood circulation, dampness and dispelling cold.
3. Magnetic therapy with healthy magnets to adjust the balance between yin and yang.
4. Equipped with massage patch for multi-site massage.

                                Quality assurance                                                                            scamp work and stint material                                                                                                                                         

                       Can stand directly on the machine,                                                        Rough work, no sense of solidity

               The weight does not mean that the quality is good,                                            Can't stand  on top.

                  but it can prove that we did not cut corners.


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