Eye Care Massager Biological Electromagnetic

eye care massager biological electromagnetic Therapy Electric Vibration Eye Massager Therapy Electric Vibration Eye Massager with Heat Compression

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1.This product uses far infrared heating microcomputer chip control technology.At the same time, with the role of the internal vibration motor, and the far-infrared heating effect, the multi-faceted massage effect on the muscles around the eyes.

2.Moderately air compression strength help you alleviate eye fatigue, pain, stress around your eyes while tender vibrating power protect your eye muscle from hurting, hot compress can improve your dark circles, eye puffiness, dry eyes and eye fatigue, make tired eyes get relax and comfortable.

3.Enjoy Natural Soothing Melodies: Built-in speaker and embedded nature sounds relax you even more.

4.Five Massage Modes Available for Select: Automatic massage, Dynamic massage, clear massage, Dynamic vibration and sleep pattern are combined into 5 different working modes, which can be selected according to individual needs and preferences.

Product name
Eye massager
Net weight
Power supplying
40 degree
5 V
Battery capacity
Charging time
Available time
Detailed Images

Simulated human hand massage, independent airbags running on both sides at the same time, softness does not hurt the eyes, small airbags massage the temples, large airbags massage the eye points.

It can be foldable 180 degrees wirelessly portable.

And the tie can Elastic adjustment,Suitable for different face types.


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