Physical Electrical Therapy Equipment Machine

Physical Electrical Therapy Equipment Machine

Best Sell Tens Digital Electrode Pads Therapy Equipment Tens Mini Massager Pads ini massage pads

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Product Description

Product Features:

1.Suitable for various medium frequency electronic physiotherapy machine.
2.Help to improve blood circulation,promote metabolism and eliminate fatigue.
3.Strong adhesion with skin,reusable and convenient to use.
4.More repeated use without diminished effectiveness.
5.Useful and safe accessory for medical care.
6.Support ODM and OEM to customize electrode pad  according customer demand. 


1.Please clean the skin surface before use .

2.Connect the electrode pads and the tens massager line correctly,then start up for routine treatment.

3.After each treatment, please turn off the cable plug first then dial the wire plug.

4.The general service life of the electrode pad is 100-200 times.

5.Please seal and store in the shade

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