Vibration Head Massager For Head Care

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Product Details

Product Description

product size


Net weight



DC 5v

lithium battery


executive stand


 *Water -proof and rechargeable wireless using.
* 3D massage technology,to apply a head SPA
* 3 massage speeds to adjust
* Four-wheel rotary massage design, can adjust to forward and reverse mode 
* High-capacity built-in lithum battery,safety and reliability.
* 15 minutes timing function. 
* Skin-friendly silica gel material
* Ergonomic design, Fashionable appearance.


*Through physical massage with 28 massager heads, to clean scalp dirt,     

  Keep head refreshing and health ,   

*Promote head blood circulation,           

   Relax brain, relieve tense.


Box Content: 

1. 3D Head Massager* 1pc

2. Charger Station * 1 pc

3. USB Cable * 1 pc

4. Uer's Manual * 1 pc


Materials: ABS

Cert.: CE, FCC, 

RoHS Compliance: Available

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