Portable Face Mist Spray With Power Bank

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Product Details



01.Viberates at UHF higher than 160,000 cycles per second,

02.Ion technology to atomizes water-soluble skin care essence

03.Ion spray to allow ultrafine Nm ions soothing your skin

04.Moisturizing and nourishing skin,relaxing dry skin,

05.Small and exquisite for portable and moisturized whenever and wherever

06.Large diameter and 20ml large capacity tabk makes easy to use

07.3000mAh built-in battery support emergenty service for digital products

08.Waterproof design for mist sparyer

Operation instructions



Please take time to read the Quick Start Guide before using the Nanometer Water Replenishment device.

1. Charge your Nanometer Water Replenishment device by placing the power cord directly into the end of the machine for initial charging, allow 2~3 hours to fully charge.

2. Watering the tank from the back side of the machine with purified water or distilled water.

3. Slip the front cover, keep around 10~15 cm from your face.

4. The Nanometer Water Replenishment device will keep working for 30 seconds to stop. If you want to keep using, turn off the cover and slip on it again.

5. After replenishment, clear the water away and store the machine, keep it in the box safety for future use.


Replenishing / Locking water.

The nano-particles generated by the machine will penetrate into the underlying skin, moisturizing and nourishing skin and smoothing away the dry skin, making it elastic and full of water.

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