Device For Anti Aging And Face Lifting

Skin Lifting;machine white antiaging wrinkle care remover;fine wrinkle remove;eye anti-wrinkle massager

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Product Description

Is designed with an intelligent sensor, manual switch is not necessary. The color light nurtures the skin.

* Intelligent sensor

* Micro-vibration massage

* Activate cell renewal

* Negative ions promote the absorption of skin care

* Anti-wrinkling firming

* Relieve skin fatigue


Massage: Low frequency and micro vibration wave, activates the skin blood capillary, and enhances the cell viability.

Anion Import: Fast import the essence, it goes directly into the deep skin to activate basal cells, which improve the blood circulation, eliminate the eye bags and swelling, decrease the eye crow's feet.

Color light nurtruing the skin: Lighten the melanin to make skin translucent and bright. Anti-wrinkling firming: Stimulate generation of the skin collagen, restore the elastic fibers of skin, increase the skin elasticity to firm the loose skin and decrease wrinkles.

Expelling of toxin: Expel the toxins long accumulated in the skins and lighten the pigmentation of the skin, improve the lymphatic system and filtrate the purification system.

Refief: Micro-current ion vibration massage can relieve the skin fatigue.

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